About Us
We operate luxury retirement and care accommodation with a dedication to providing the best possible experience.
Our portfolio of Care Homes are managed efficiently and effectively, meeting current legislative requirements and operational targets. We continually invest in premium accommodation as well as the skilled care and support teams to ensure we meet the needs of our residents.
Our Homes
We have an array of incredible residential homes to choose from, each with their own unique set of credentials. Our team will help you find the perfect property that meets your specific desires, whilst also meeting your individual care and support needs, ultimately resulting in the best possible quality of life.
Peace of Mind

It's not just about finding care provision that will give the necessary support needed, it's also about finding the right environment where your loved one will be cared for as a priority, treated with dignity and respect, and cherished in a comfortable, safe place where their quality of life is of paramount importance. And of course we understand you will want to know about funding your care.


More about Carlauren Care
Luxurious without compromising essential and practical care support
The consistent provision of high-quality care services delivered in a safe, effective and considerate way happens because our industry established management and highly-trained care employees understand the importance of the experience. Our team, with all their years of experience, are there to create magical moments through superior service and thoughtful, personalised care and support.

We set out to create a genuine home from home, without the burden of household chores or living alone. We also want our homes to be welcoming for families to visit and spend time with loved ones, so you can rest assured that you are part of our community too as we value your input, involvement and satisfaction.

Committed to creating safe, loving and inclusive environments.
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