The Option of Owning your own Care Home Suite
Is this a game changer for long term care costs?
The cost of staying in a Care Home is a concern for everyone but it is a reality of current funding regulations that many residents are required to fund their own care support.
Carlauren Group has considered innovative ways self-funding residents can access luxury care at reasonable cost and are the first in the South West of England to offer an ownership option that could be a game changer for residents and their families.

Carlauren Group now offer our residents and prospective residents the opportunity to purchase the care suite of their choice in any of our Care Homes. This represents a valuable option for self-funding Care Home residents who up until now have only had the choice of weekly costs that include room rental. At Carlauren we want to remove the stress of rental payments which over time can eat-in to savings or equity released funds. We want to provide the opportunity for later life investment, to protect legacy for future family inheritance and in so doing reduce the weekly financial impact on a resident owner.
As a Carlauren Care Home resident owner, you live rent free in luxury care accommodation, whilst retaining an asset of future value, whether sold on the open market, sold back to Carlauren Group under our Carlauren Guaranteed Buy-Back scheme or retained and rented to another resident. Ownership is on a long term 125-year leasehold basis and, as an owner, weekly charges are significantly reduced (by up to 35%) because you only need to pay for care support, food and service charges.

Of course there is a cost of buying the care suite either as a cash buyer or with a mortgage, but the key issue is those payments are not lost; they represent an investment into ownership that is an asset for future sale.

Providing good advice to our residents is important to Carlauren Group and as well as our highly experienced Care Advisors, we now have Property Sales Advisors available to explain ownership options, costs and provide an introduction to our luxury care facilities.

We spoke with Carlauren Care Home future resident Margaret who recently decided to  become an owner of a care suite. “It hadn’t occurred to me that owning my room was an option but when I looked at the funds I had set aside for my care, I realised that by buying my room I’d have something I’d be able to leave to my family and my savings would still be there. Meeting Carlaurens' care team on site I realised also that I’d be moving to a wonderful environment”.